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A Message from Our President
“Hello, I’m Randy Dennis. Welcome to the Weatherhills Group. If you are looking for a professional recruitment firm that will provide a superior hiring experience you have come to the right place. I hope you will take some time to review this website. There is abundant information on what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do what we do. You are also welcome to contact me directly. You can reach me at, 507-536-4510, or I’m always open to answering your questions and helping you understand what makes The Weatherhills Group your clear choice in recruiting top Life Science talent.”

To Us It’s About You

Your Success Is Our Highest Priority

Whether your goal is a critical hire on a short deadline or filling an unplanned opening quickly, finding the best talent can be complex and time consuming. The Weatherhills Group provides comprehensive services and expertise to facilitate the hiring process – from researching, locating and screening to coordinating and interviewing. So you and your managers can focus on achieving your goals and growing your business.
What our clients say: WOCS

Earning Our Clients’ Trust Is The Foundation Of All We Do

Our proven process emphasizes thoroughness and timely communication. Clients can always count on us for presenting high-caliber candidates with incomparable consistency. And we pledge to be positive ambassadors of your company’s image and brand. WOCS

What Sets Us Apart From Other Recruiters

Our meticulous attention to detail affects every phase of the hiring process. We work diligently to understand your culture, your values and your expectations, which results in new hires who excel at what they do and who believe in your company, your standards and your goals. WOCS

About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

The Weatherhills Group is a client- and candidate-motivated recruitment firm that provides an extensive range of Executive, Management, and Professional search services. Located in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic, we facilitate the hiring process and deliver exceptional results, matching premier talent with Life Science companies throughout the U.S.

Our Mission

Optimize every hiring experience – for our clients and candidates – by providing unrivaled recruitment services that appreciably facilitate the process and consistently result in exceptional hires. WOCS

Our Values

  • Honor Commitments.
  • Respect the Organization and the Individuals we Serve.
  • Be Accountable for Our Actions.
  • Be Consistent, Fair, and Impartial in all Facets of Our Business.

Expertise Forged By Experience

Now in our 22nd year of operation, we have had the good fortune to have placed hundreds of professionals at many of America’s most respected and innovative medical device, diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our Executive Search Consultants offer client companies and candidates personalized service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry. Technology, teamwork, and our collective creative skills enable us to provide critical, bottom-line solutions to a tremendous range of staffing needs. WOCS

Our Services

A Proven Process

Our formula for consistency is a process.

Our secret to success is tailoring that process to best fit your preferences, your needs, and your objectives. To ensure a thorough, efficient, effective search, every assignment we take on follows our fundamental, five-step process. Diligently completing each step of this process saves you time, helps avoid costly missteps, and with more than 1,000 placements has proven to be a dependable path to successful hires. WOCS

A Critical Choice

The Weatherhills Group offers two types of recruitment service agreements, Engaged and Contingent. We use the same fundamental process for both, but there are important differences in each approach, beginning with our primary objective for each service.

Engaged Recruitment

For Engaged Recruitment we are the exclusive recruiter, with complete responsibility for your hiring outcome. Our focus goes far beyond simply finding qualified candidates. Our primary objective is to find the best talent that’s an outstanding fit for your organization – someone who is likely to become one of your top performers.

Contingent Recruitment

With Contingent Recruitment, because the client is working with multiple recruiters, the primary objective is to submit the most qualified candidates for client interviews as quickly as possible. Since multiple recruiters are racing to be the first to submit candidates for interviews, the time spent understanding the opportunity, building the candidate pool, and vetting qualified candidates must be condensed. With a Contingent search, clients will get qualified talent, however, it ultimately reduces your odds of hiring the best of the best.

Learn More About Recruiting

Click here to download a PDF detailing the difference in our two recruiting processes.
Engaged Recruitment, Achieving the Best Outcome

We are a client- and candidate-oriented recruitment firm offering a broad range of comprehensive hiring services. Our Engaged Recruitment service maximizes your access to our professional expertise. The following are three prime benefits you can expect when using our Engaged Recruitment:

1. More extensive research and screening of the potential candidate pool

Engaged recruitment allots more time and resources to the first steps of the process (Opportunity Assessment, Prospect Review and Candidate Screening), and it is during these steps that critical research and screening work is completed. We know from extensive experience the more time we are able to devote to research and screening the greater your odds of landing top talent. As illustrated below, with our Engaged Recruitment, about 70% of the total process time is invested in the essential groundwork of the first three steps. In a Contingent search, because the objective becomes getting candidates to client interviews before other recruiters, these steps make up only about 40% of the process. And because the extra time we spend doing research and screening with an Engaged recruitment means you take less time interviewing candidates and transitioning the new hires, the total process time, start to finish, for Engaged vs. Contingent is equivalent.


2. Better use of your time and our resources

Hiring top talent can be time-consuming and laborious. Engaged recruitment reduces your workload and gives you maximal access to our unrivaled expertise. The extra steps we take in finding, screening and vetting candidates helps ensure a more productive and efficient hiring experience for our clients and candidates. The Weatherhills Group Engaged recruitment process enables us to focus most intently on what we do best – finding great talent, and allows you to do what you do best – run your business. WOCS

Learn More About Recruiting

Click here to download “The 10 Ways Our Engaged Recruitment Saves Clients Time”.

3. Hiring top performers

The difference between good employees and great employees can sometimes be the difference between success and failure for an organization. The best will take on leadership roles that will help position your business for long-term prosperity. Hiring top performers is the primary objective of our Engaged recruitment professionals, and is the standard by which we measure success. With more than 30 years of combined experience hiring and managing people while working for companies and more than 10,000 interviews of prospective candidates since opening our doors in 2000, we know how to identify and recruit top performers. WOCS

Learn More About Recruiting

Click here to download an Engaged Recruitment Case Study.

Our Consultants

Randy Dennis


Prior to forming The Weatherhills Group, Randy spent 21 years in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device industries in various sales and marketing management capacities including the last 2 corporate positions as Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Randy earned his BS Degree from Minnesota State University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Mark Wernstrom


Mark has spent 18 years working in health and human services assessing the needs of people and identifying the solutions. Prior to coming to The Weatherhills Group in 2000, Mark was Resident Director for a major assisted living residence in Minnesota. Mark has a BS Degree in Economics from St. Olaf College and a Master’s degree in Human and Health Service Administration from St. Mary’s College.

Doug Warzala


Prior to joining The Weatherhills Group Doug spent 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry. The last 17 years he spent as a hospital representative calling on institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin. His most notable accomplishments are Platinum Club, Summit Club, Endurance Club and two time Representative of the Year. Doug earned his BS Degree in Marketing from Minnesota State University.

Areas of Focus

  • Medical Device
  • Diagnostics
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Finance Accounting
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs Quality
  • Engineering
  • Sr. Executive
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Technical Specialists
  • Scientists
  • Frontline Staff
  • Sales Force Expansions
  • Confidential Backfills

What Our Clients Say

Our testimonials are from real-life managers and executives of some of the most respected businesses in the life-science arena. We take pride in what they have to say about our organization.

They are our go-to source for recruiting… Working with their Engaged Process freed up time for our sales managers to be focused on growing sales in their region

Jim Carper, V P Marketing and U.S. Sales - Rochester Medical

Randy not only addresses many of our personnel needs but of equal importance, did it with utmost commitment and professionalism…

Bob Silverman, President/CEO MTM

Mark has always produced the highest quality candidates for my review…

Chuck McCandless, Regional Business Manager – Mountain Region – Specialty Products

Working with The Weatherhills Group I have shortened the time of the selection process and significantly reduced the time to full productivity…

Edwin Herrington, Sr. Director of Sales - BD Diagnostics

The quality of candidates identified by Randy has been higher than any other recruiter we have worked with…

Greg Endress, Neodiagnostix

The Weatherhills Group developed a fundamental understanding of our ideal candidates…I trust they will find the right people for the position…

Kevin Stacy, Sales Director - Ventana Medical

I can always depend on them to be extremely thorough and detailed throughout the hiring process…

Rick Schulz, District Manager - Bard Medical

What Our Clients Are Saying

Click here to download full testimonials from current and previous clients.

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